Design Trends in 2019

Staying on trend is vital to delivering fresh/relevant advertisements and artwork, this doesn't mean you should go with the flow and copy exactly what's already been done, but it is important to keep up to date in the graphic design world.

In 2019, you can expect to see an increase in surreal realism and a mix of vibrant and pastel colours.

6. Motion

By Maksim Marakhovskyi Pinterest
Dribbble shot Nicolas Girard
Motion is great for visual stimulation, it allows for a story which a regular image struggles to tell and brings life to still graphics. There are many uses for motion but one in-particular which is worth mentioning is the animation of a brand logo.

Providing visual stimulation, the eye-catching magic of things that move is now being used to bring still imagery to life, giving personality to your icon. This can be used to evoke an emotion towards your logo, almost allowing you to emphasise with the graphic.

5. Macro/Micro Typography

Surface Vimeo
Surface Vimeo

The use of macro typography is becoming more popular, combined with Kinetic typography it is a great technique to use when a loud voice in the form of eye-popping artwork is required. The use of extra big & bold fonts which dominate the scene make for aesthetic but bold visuals.

4. Duotones

Via Adidas

Carrying over from 2018, Duotones will continue to make an impact on the graphic design scene. With bold colours and beautiful application possibilities, they can provide a strong brand presence to any photography as Spotify beautifully presents.  

3. Vivid Colours

Chocolate bars by Doisy & Dom
Vivid colour combinations are here to stay. Used sparingly, the use of contrasting colours can attract attention whilst being appealing on the eye.

2. B&W Single Swatch

fabric nightclub web MOCKUP
Website header designed by us, here at Evoke
Under Armour project by Claus Studios
Mission Apollo by Studio JQ

Black and white imagery combined with the use of a single pop of colour can be an effective way to make the colour stand out. This is great for bringing power to a colour and elevating the importance of key information/imagery.

1. 3D Design
Nike Air Max campaign by MVSM
3d image Serene
mobile ADI campaign via WIX
ESPN Feature
Feature by ESPN

The popularity of three dimensional artwork seems to be growing every day, and we love it!

The use of 3D assists the minds imagination, giving a sense of tangibility and realism. The use of 3D programmes are growing, and with this brings the ability to create life-like renders of things we could only imagine before. We are now able to take control gravity and manipulate reality.

This graphic design trend shows imagination in action and we’re excited to make the most of this!

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